2022 Apr 30

Franchon Crews vs. Elin Cederroos

10 rounds, for Crews-Dezurns WBC and WBO super middleweight titles and Cederroos IBF and WBA super middleweight titles

Franchon Crews started her professional career with a very difficult fight against Claressa Shields. The fight was competitive but Shields was better and won a decision. When Shields turned professional it was very difficult to find her suitable opponents and 13 fighters turned down the oppurtunity to face Shields in her debut but not Franchon Crews who accepted. That shows you what kind of fighter Franchon Crews is and her mentality. Franchon´s record currently stands at 7-1 with the only official loss being to Claressa Shields. Franchon actually has another loss that isn´t being counted and that is because she literally faced a man – turned woman in Alejandra Jimenez. The fight was competitive but clearly she was in the ring with someone with a different type of body structure. Jimenez later failed a testostorone test and the fight was ruled a no-contest and jimenez was suspended. Alejandra Jimenez landed some big shots on Franchon and she was able to remain on her feat despite the power. Claressa Shields landed big shots also and she could handle it. That tells you that Franchon Crews has a good chin and a lot of grit. Looking at Franchon Crews as a whole, she is both fast and powerful and she has something that Elin Cederroos does not, and that is experience. Franchon Crews had a long and impressive amateur career before she even turned pro. She finished her amateur career with a record of 59-17. When Franchon crews turned professional, Elin Cederroos had just started boxing and this is a big thing to consider. Elin took up boxing at around 30 years of age after having played soccer at a high level prior to that. Her soccer career is a big part of what made her successful as a boxer despite starting so late. What i mean by that is that she was already an athlete and very well trained and even more importantly in this case, Elin was very strong physically. This helped make her very successful very quickly and when it comes to womens boxing, and especially in the higher weight classes, there aren´t many good boxers around which makes the road to a title fast and quick if you are decent enough. Elin Cederroos is unbeaten with a record of 8-0 with 4 ko´s. I am actually very impressed with her power. Elin has showed that she has something many female boxers have not, and that is real one-punch knockout power. She is probably one of the biggest punchers around her division. Elin has knocked out 4 opponents but who has she really knocked out? Out of the 8 opponents that Elin has faced, 6 of them have been journeymen (journeywomen). Only 2 fighters has she faced that really had a chance to win. One of them was Femke Hermans who Elin beat by a close majority decision to win the IBF title. Femke Hermans is fairly limited as a fighter and was stopped inside 3 rounds against Savannah Marshall. The other decent fighter that Elin has faced was in her last fight where she had a career best performance against Alicia Napoleon and won another very close decision. Elin knocked her down in the 2nd round and that was the difference maker as all judges had them winning 5 rounds each. The difficulty in this fight for Elin is that she really has no real fight experience against top opposition. She has never faced adversity in the ring and there is no way to know how she will respond to the type of pressure that Franchon will put on her non-stop from the opening bell. Technically and skill wise, there is a huge gap difference between them with franchon Crews having so many more layers to her game. Power department is pretty equal but Franchon has faster hands and better balance. Both fighters are tough and with this much on the line I expect a real war. In recent fights I have noticed that Elin drops her left hand way below her chin where it drops down and one of Franchon´s best punches is her big overhand right. The dangerous thing for Elin here is that Franchon is comfortable throwing punches at the same time as her opponents and if she is to land one of those big overhand rights cleanly while Elin is throwing a jab, it could be very dangerous. The oddsmakers think it is a pretty close fight with Franchon being a narrow favorite but they are giving Elin a lot of credit. I honestly have a hard time seeing Elin being victorious in this match-up because I think Franchon´s style is all wrong for her. The issues that occur for fighters that take up boxing late normally has to do with their defense, not so often their offense which is why Elin has been successful so far, because she has good offense. But defensive savy is much more difficult to develop and the reflexes needed for elite opponents usually isn´t there. Elin is also the older fighter of the two being 37 years old and she has been inactive for almost 2 years. Furthermore, Franchon Crews has the better and more experienced team with Barry Hunter as her head trainer. Although i wish Elin Cederroos all the best luck in the world, being that she is Swedish I just don´t see it. FRANCHON CREWS is the pick to win this fight and you can play it big!

Franchon Crews to win the fight

The Pick: Franchon Crews to win the fight
Odds: -150 (1.66 decimal odds)
Units: 5
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