2021 Oct 09

Robert Helenius vs. Adam Kownacki

10 rounds, heavyweights

Robert Helenius pulled off a major upset when he knocked out Adam Kownacki the first time around. The oddsmakers are still listing Kownacki as the favorite this time also because they figure that the first time was just bad luck for Kownacki. In some ways, that is true. Kownacki was beating Helenius and landing considerably more punches but he was being tagged by long straight punches in every round. Before Helenius landed the fight changing punches, it looked like he was gassed out and about to be stopped himself. Helenius has shown stamina problems before also and when he fatigues it is as though his defence disappears completely. But just when he needed to land something big, he managed to do just that and knocked down and flurried on Kownacki until the referee had no choice but to stop it. In looking at them at the press conference and on the weigh in, you can tell that Kownacki looks and feels exposed. He no longer looks like the confident unbeaten guy he was prior to the defeat. Helenius on the other hand, who prior to their first meeting might have had big doubts on himself, now suddenly looks very confident and perhaps in the best mental state we have ever seen him. He now knows that he has enough power to badly hurt Kownacki and he is going to believe that he can do it again.

We believe that Helenius will be able to defeat Kownacki once again. The Pick is Robert Helenius to pull of another upset.

The Pick: Robert Helenius to win the fight
Odds: +210 (3.10 decimal odds)
Units: 1
Start time: