2021 Jul 17

Rolando Romero vs. Anthony Yigit,

12 rounds, for Romeros WBA interim lightweight title

Rolando Romero is a big -500 (1.20 decimal odds) favorite going in to this fight but Anthony Yigit is not in over his head. There are a few reasons why Romero is such a big favorite: He is undefeated with a perfect record of 13-0 with 11 ko’s. Romero has been active while Yigit has been inactive. Yigit has taken this fight with only 2 weeks notice. Romero has faced three southpaws before in his career and he knocked out all three in the 1st round. The over/under line for this fight is set to only 6.5 rounds and it is expected that Romero will knock out Yigit quickly in this fight. I am absolutely 100% sure that Yigit is the better boxer technically of the two but the problem he has is the lack of power and it seems to be the only area where he is lacking. One area where Yigit is not lacking is his heart. He is a real fighter and he always gives his all and doesn’t have any quit in him. He proved that in his fight against Ivan Baranchyk. He proved how tough he really is in that fight and he kept coming forward despite not being able to see with one eye. The fight with Baranchyk was close and Baranchyk is bigger, stronger and punches harder than Romero. Yigit’s chin held up that night and that is an important thing for this fight because Romero is dangerous with his power punches especially early. Yigit took this fight in 2 weeks notice but he wasn’t out of shape. He was scheduled to fight on the same card against another opponent so he is in shape. This fight was supposed to take place at the 135 pounds limit, that is a division below where Yigit normally fights. Yigit didn’t make the weight and he came in at the usual 140 pounds he usually weighs. It didn’t look like he was forced to try to drop the extra weight which is a big advantage because he will not be drained.

Romero will come out very aggressively and he will try to take out Yigit in the 1st round. I believe that Yigit is good enough technically to survive those dangerous early attacks from Romero and they will be less and less dangerous as the fight goes on. First of all I think the fight goes past 6.5 rounds for almost even money. If Yigit is sharp and well prepared I see him outworking Romero over 12 rounds and the score cards will be very close in this fight and it really could go either way. We have seen judges before be generous with Romero where he was given a big gift against Jackson Marinez and even a draw is not out of the question. The best pick for this fight is Over 6.5 Rounds and the other pick for this fight is - The Fight to Go the Distance which is priced at almost +200 (3.00 decimal odds).

The Pick: Over 6.5 Rounds
Odds: -110 (1.90 decimal odds)
Units: 3
Start time:
The Pick: To Go the Distance
Odds: +175 (2.75 decimal odds)
Units: 1
Start time: