2021 Jun 06

Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul,

8 rounds, cruiserweight

What will happen in this fight is simple: Logan Paul will be hitting nothing but fresh air for 8 rounds or as long as it lasts. I can even see a scenario where Paul literally doesn’t connect with a single punch for the whole fight but most likely a few jabs might get through. You will be able to count on your hands the total amount of punches that Paul lands om Mayweather. Maybe an average of 1 punch landed per round for Paul, no joke here. So does this mean that it is an easy fight for Floyd? The answer is no! Logan Paul’s size and physical strength can’t be overlooked here and Floyd is 44 years old. That means something. Mayweather will be on the outside and Paul will be missing with basically every attack he attempts. But Floyd will not be able to walk him down because of the size difference

Floyd will be hitting Paul with accurate single shots from the outside. If Floyd stops Logan Paul it will happen in the second half of the fight, meaning rounds 5-8 and it will be due to Paul gassing out from all the missing he will be doing and the mental pressure. If Paul does get visibly tired where Floyd feels that the danger is gone, he will go after him for the kill and he will stop him. But the stoppage will only come if what I just described happens. Otherwise Mayweather wins an easy Unanimous Decision

The Pick: Floyd Mayweather to win the fight
Odds: Odds not yet released
Units: 3
Start time: