2021 May 22

Josh Taylor vs. Jose Ramirez,

12 rounds, for Ramirez WBC and WBO titles and Taylors WBA and IBF titles

Josh Taylor vs. Jose Ramirez is finally here and this will be most surely be an incredible fight. We will start this off by saying that the line is off. Josh taylor is priced at -300 (1.33 decimal odds) and the best price on Jose Ramirez is +205 (3.05 decimal odds). They aren´t giving Ramirez much credit here and let´s remember he is coming in to this fight with just as many belts as Taylor, they both have two pieces each of the four grand World titles. Both guys are undefeated and Ramirez as well as Taylor has always shown a great will to win. The fight is taking place fairly close to where Ramirez lives and trains, just a few hours drive and he is well accustomed to fighting in Las Vegas. Josh Taylor on the other hand will have to fight in another timezone than the one he is used to and although he has been in Vegas for a while it will be interesting to see how he performs in a country far away. You can assume that the majority of the people there for the fight will be rooting for Ramirez. Both guys look to be in the shape of their lives. Ramirez says that he has never felt stronger physically and he looks honest saying that. taylor is also extremly confident and he talks a little bit as tho he can´t be beat. He believes that he is a superior fighter to Ramirez in every department as he said in his own words. When people say that Ramirez looked bad against Postol who boxed him from the outside, they forget that Taylor also didn´t look his dominant self against Postol and that is because Postol is a good fighter. The fact of the matter is that this is a true 50/50 fight and one of them is strongly favored. The other guy is the one that has home advantage.

The value in this fight is with Jose Ramirez. Most likely it will be a a fight that goes the distance but picking Ramirez to win a decision pays +350 while simply picking him to win outright pays +205. There is a chance that one of them hurts the other. Both guys have the offensive power to hurt the other so there is no value in determining the method of win for either of them. The pick is Jose Ramirez to win the fight for a price of +205 (3.05 decimal odds)

The Pick: Jose Ramirez to win the fight
Odds: +205 (3.05 decimal odds)
Units: 3
Start time: