2021 Feb 13

Josh Warrington vs. Mauricio Lara

10 rounds, featherweights

Josh Warrington (30-0) with 7 knockouts has a record that suggests that he isn´t a big puncher but he punches harder than you would think. Furthermore, the last few years he has become a high volume fighter and he is able to maintain a very high tempo for 12 rounds without fatiguing. The reason why he doesn´t have more stoppages is beacause he has been in with solid good opposition in many fights back-to-back now. If he is put in with someone a level below he would most certainly stop them. Mauricio Lara is definetely a level or two below him. The mexican fighter has built up a record of 21-2 but he is fairly inexperienced at the top level. In one of his losses, he was stopped by a novice. Lara is only 22 years old and he will be going from fighting Sergio Puente in his last fight to fighting Josh Warrington and that is a major difference. For Lara to beat Warrington it would take some kind of miracle and we don´t see that happening.

Josh Warrington will put on his usual high pressure from the get go of this fight and we can´t see Lara hanging on for the duration of the fight. For us, there is only one outcome and that is Josh Warrington by ko/tko.

The Pick: Josh Warrington by ko/tko
Odds: -300 (1.33 decimal odds)
Units: 3
Start time: