2020 Oct 17

Edgar Berlanga vs. Lanell Bellows

8 rounds, super middleweights

Edgar Berlanga (14-0) has been knocking out every single opponent he has faced so far in the very first round. He has done that to 14 victims so far. All of them getting stopped within the first three minutes of the fight. That says that he has a lot of power, anybody can see that. But the real question is; who has he been knocking out? The answer to that question is that he has been knocking out a bunch of journeymen and b- and c-level fighters. That doesn´t take away from the fact that he can punch very hard but the level of opposition has to be brought in to consideration here. The opponent in this fight is better than the other he has faced so far. His name is Lanell Bellows and he has a record of 20-5-3. Bellows is a decent fighter and he has never before been stopped. This isn´t a question here about who will win the fight, what we are trying to find out is how long it takes for Berlanga to get him out of there. For Bellows to win, he would need a miracle or something similar. The Over/Under rounds prop opened at 2.5 Rounds but a lot of people have been betting the Under 2.5 rounds and after the received a lot of action on that play, they decided to change it down from 2.5 to 1.5 Rounds and that is where it has settled. So the line is now at 1.5 Rounds and the Over 1.5 in some sportbooks pays up to +115 (2.15 decimal odds) which is a good deal. The books currently offering that play are Unibet and 888sports. The rest of the books have both sides at -110 (1.90 decimal odds). When Berlanga was an amateur he was good, but he was hardly knocking all his opponents out in the first round and that had to do with him facing better opposition. Eventually the first round stoppages are going to stop but will it be tonight?

We believe the Berlanga will go past the first round for the first time in his professional career tonight so our pick is Over 1.5 rounds with the best odds available being +115 (2.15 decimal odds)

The Pick: Over 1.5 Rounds
Odds: +115 (2.15 decimal odds)
Units: 10
Start time: 9pm ET / 6pm PT