2020 Aug 01

Marcos Escudero vs. Joseph George

10 rounds, light heavyweights

We have a rematch between Marcos Escudero (9-1) and Joseph George (10-0) that is taking place because their first meeting resulted in a controversial split decision that was awarded to George although it appeared that Escudero had done more than enough to deserve the nod. It was in some instances difficult to judge the rounds because you had on one hand Escudero who was badly outworking George in practically every round and he was pushing George around from corner to corner in what was a small ring that night, but many times a majority of the punches were caught on the guard and perhaps didn’t impress the judges and then you would have George nail Escudero with a few hard shots that was easily seen for the eye. But the reality of it was that it wasn’t nearly enough for George with his few and far in between flurrys to win the majority of the rounds. Another interesting thing between the two is that it was obvious that George was able to take Escudero´s shots better than the other way around because Escudero really hit him with everything but the kitchen sink and he wasn´t able to seriously hurt him or knock him down at any point. Escudero has a knockout ratio of 90% and that would make you think he is a very big puncher but it is more so that his pressure and volume gets him the stoppages. It is not to say that Escudero can´t punch but he is not a monstrous puncher. On the other hand, George when he did connect with big shots it seemed to momentarily shake up Escudero. In the stamina department, Escudero was very impressive keeping up a super tempo for the entirety of the fight and throwing a ton of punches. (sign in to view or prediction & pick)

Escudero gets his revenge in a fight that very much will resemble the first one. Escudero will earn the victory and this time he gets awarded it. Based on the first fight unfolded, it is not likely that Escudero manages to stop George but he will outpoint him. The pick is Marcos Escudero to win by Decision for a price of +115 (2.15 decimal odds)

The Pick: Marcos Escudero by Decision
Odds: +115 (2.15 decimal odds)
Units: 10
Start time: 8pm ET / 5pm PT