2020 Jul 31

Lyndon Arthur vs. Dec Spelman

12 rounds, light heavyweights

Lyndon Arthur went through hell in his last fight when he managed to win a close decision over Ghanaian Emmanuel Anim. His record is still a perfect one with 16 wins and 12 of them coming inside the distance. One of the things we learned in Arthurs fight with Anim is that Arthur has a very good chin. Anim is a big puncher with his hooks but Arthur was able to take them for 10 rounds. In the long run for Arthur, he is going to have to do something about his defense and not count on his chin saving the day. He was close to being stopped at one point in the fight, not because he was so badly hurt but because he was taking a lot of clean punches without answering back. Lyndon Arthur was originally set to face Anthony Yarde but now it looks like Yarde will be facing the winner. The opponent Dec Spelman (16-3) is a decent fighter. He is strong and gritty and his will to win might be one of his best attributes. He tries to move his head when forcing his way forward as he is an aggressive fighter. However, his defense leaves a lot to be desired especially as he is fading which seems to be something that happens midway through his tougher fights. In his last fight against Shakan Pitters he was doing well at times but he was just getting clipped with too many clean shots. Luckily for Spelman it happens to be that Pitters isn´t a very big puncher. Had he been hit as cleanly as he was by a bigger puncher, he might not have been able to continue. Even against the light hitting Pitters his face told the story of a very hard fight that had taking place. The odds for this fight is Arthur at -700 (1.14 decimal odds) and Spelman at +400 (5.00 decimal odds). Dec Spelman by either decision or knockout pays +900 (10.00 decimal odds) but the thing is that if Spelman is to win at all, it most likely will be by a decision. We saw the amount of hard punches that Arthur was able to take from Anim in his last fight without going down and it is fair to say that Anim seems to be a considerably bigger puncher than Spelman. The best chance for success if you are Spelman is to try and simply outwork Arthur up close. (sign in to view our prediction & pick)

Dec spelman will put up a good fight and in some rounds he might get the better of the action but he will get nailed by a lot of hard straight right hands from Lyndon Arthur in the process. We see Lyndon Arthur winning this fight but it is difficult to determine the method of win for Arthur because on one hand it feels like Dec spelman will walk in to one right hand to many on his way in and simply be knocked out right there but if he isn´t hit clean enough or Spelman´s defense has tightened up just a bit, he might just hear the final bell in a fight that probably will be close on the cards. The pick is Lyndon Arthur to win the fight for a price of -700 (1.14 decimal odds)

The Pick: Lyndon Arthur to win fight
Odds: -700 (1.14 decimal odds)
Units: 10
Start time: 4pm ET / 1pm PT