2020 Jul 24

Seniesa Estrada vs. Miranda Atkins

8 rounds, light flyweights

Seniesa Estrada has racked up an impressive record of 18-0 and she has been improving a lot from fight to fight. She is fighting an unbeaten opponent named Miranda Adkins (5-0). Adkins has won all her fights by knockout which usually is an indicator that someone has power. There are a few important points to consider in handicapping this fight; Estrada has been fighting since she was a little girl. Adkins took up boxing a few years ago and she is very inexperienced. Adkins has never faced anyone with a winning record and even worse, four of the opponents she faced were making their debut and one of them, she faced a second time and beat her again. That sums up her experience as a professional boxer. Adding another interesting point is the fact that she is 42 years of age.

There is no way that Adkins will be able to hang with Seniesa for any length of time. There is only one outcome for this fight and that is Seniesa Estrada winning this fight by ko/tko for a very good price of -225 (1.44 decimal odds). In our estimation this is very good value for the likelihood of this happening, which is very high. It could be over very quickly depending on the ability of Adkins to absorb punches on the chin. We will add another pick for this fight in determining that Seniesa stops her in under 5.5 Rounds for a price of -140 (1.72 decimal odds

The Pick: Seniesa Estrada by ko/tko
Odds: -225 (1.44 decimal odds)
Units: 15
Start time: 8pm ET / 5pm PT
The Pick: Under 5.5 Rounds
Odds: -140 (1.72 decimal odds)
Units: 10
Start time: 8pm ET / 5pm PT