2020 Jul 16

Jared Anderson vs. Hector Perez

4 rounds, heavyweights

Jared Anderson (4-0) with 4 knockout wins has excited a lot of people since turning professional last year. They think that he will go on to achieve big things in the ring. Weather that happens or not remains to be seen. In this upcoming fight he is facing a guy called Hector Perez (7-2) based in Florida. Anderson has only faced fodder opposition so far in his career, as you would expect from a young prospect that they believe in. They will not take any chances while building him up. Hector Perez will be the best opponent that Anderson has faced so far and he is coming of 4 straight wins and even more important than that; He fought 4 weeks ago which means that he is in good fighting shape. In his last fight against Juan Torres which was on a Top Rank show also we could learn that Perez tries to be responsible defensibly. We didn´t say that he had good defense, that would be a big stretch of the imagination. What we mean to say is that fighters of that subpar level generally has very bad defense and Perez at least keeps his hands up and his feet seem to be working well which will be important factors when we get to our pick. Jared Anderson as you would expect is a huge favorite priced anywhere between -2500 and -5000. There is no value in those prices. The value in this fight is determining the method of win and how the fight will play out. (sign in to view our prediction & pick)

Jared Anderson will win this fight but the value like we mentioned comes from determining how he will win. We mentioned that Perez keeps his hands up and he moves his feet. This will help him to keep out of harm’s way for a period of time. What will happen is that in the very first round when Perez feels the power of Anderson, he will decide to try to survive since he knows the bout only is 4 rounds. The Pick here is Over 1.5 Rounds for a price of -160 (1.63 decimal odds) which provides very good value. We then have an additional pick that also has value and that is the “Fight to Go the Distance” for a price of +400 (5.00 decimal odds). There is a reasonable chance that Perez manages to survive the distance in this fight since it only is 4 rounds.

The Pick: Over 1.5 Rounds
Odds: -160 (1.63 decimal odds)
Units: 10
Start time: 8pm ET / 5pm PT
The Pick: Fight To Go The Distance
Odds: +400 (5.00 decimal odds)
Units: 5
Start time: 8pm ET / 5pm PT