2020 Jul 02

Jose Pedraza vs. Mikkel LesPierre

10 rounds, junior welterweights

Jose Pedraza (26-3) meets Mikkel LesPierre (22-1) in the second attempt tonight since their first fight was cancelled on fight day two weeks ago. The fight that was scheduled for June 18 had a weight limit of 140 pounds, which they both made. This time they set the limit to 144 pounds and it is unclear who made that request or change but that is how it is. If we compare their appearance from both weigh in´s, Mikkel LesPierre is the one that looks the better of the two. In the first fight we came to the conclusion that LesPierre had an excellent chance of winning and we picked him to score a big upset but then the fight got cancelled. When a fight gets cancelled and rescheduled you basically have to start all over again when handicapping the fight and take all new variables in to consideration. The conclusions we had for the first fight was that it felt that Pedraza might be on the start of his decline and that he was best suited a division below at 135 pounds. He doesn´t feel like a true super lightweight or at least that it isn´t his best fighting weight. He looked a little soft around the midsection on both weigh-ins. In his only fight at super lightweight he looked the physically weaker of the two when he fought and lost to Jose Zepeda in a fight he was the favorite to win. Mikkel LesPierre is the naturally bigger guy and he knows this is a big opportunity for him and a fight that he can win. LesPierre has that one loss by decision on his record that came against Maurice Hooker who put in a good mature performance that night. Hooker has really evolved a lot since the night that he controversially beat Darleys Perez and has become one of the top guys at 140. We can honestly say that Pedraza also would have a very difficult time with Maurice hooker if they ever fought and he wouldn´t do any better than LesPierre did.

We are sticking with our pick from two weeks ago and the Pick is Mikkel LesPierre to put in the performance of his career where he outworks Pedraza and wins a very close but clear decision. The odds for that is somewhat lower today but still at incredible value +1200 (13.00 decimal odds). Just in case there is some funny business with the judges, hedge the bet with a small bet on draw.

The Pick: Mikkel LesPierre by Decision
Odds: +1200 (13.00 decimal odds)
Units: 10
Start time: 9pm ET / 6pm PT