2020 Feb 22

Deontay Wilder vs. Tyson Fury

12 rounds, for Wilder's WBC and Fury's lineal heavyweight title

The rematch between Deontay Wilder vs. Tyson Fury is around the corner and we will focus on the odds and betting angles of this fight. Currently the fight is a 50/50 pick´em with both sides being priced at -110 (1.90 decimal odds). In Europe in most sportsbooks, Fury opened as a slight favourite and the other way around in the United States where Wilder opened as the favourite. Today, tuesday on fight week the odds have evened out on most places and are stabile at -110 on both. If we look at the methods of winning, the odds state the obvious and almost academic point of views that are shared amongst the boxing insiders and industry people; Wilder wins by knockout or Fury wins by decision. We happen to agree with that thinking. It was clear in the first fight that Fury is the better boxer and it is not possible for Wilder to outbox Fury over 12 rounds to win a decision, at least not an honest decision. In the first fight Fury appeared to win at least 9 rounds but it wasn´t enough apparently. However, If the fight plays out the same way again there is no chance that Fury gets screwed once more. This time he is backed by Top Rank and it is a co-promotional thing, so as simple as it sounds, we expect a fair shake from the judges if it reaches the final bell. So if it goes the full 12 rounds, we see Fury winning the majority of them and this time winning a decision, which we thought he deserved the first time around. The problem for Fury in this fight is that despite that he was boxing so beautifully for big parts of the first fight, it really only takes one mistake against Wilder for the fight to be over with. One thing that we have learned about Wilder more and more for every fight, he really is better than we all thought he was. In his last fight against Ortiz he looked terrible for 6 rounds and then out of the blue he finds his shot and takes him out. He always seems to find the punch to bail him out. So while he looks ordinary and loses rounds to lesser fighters, in the end he always lands his right hand and it wins the fights for him. Wilder also has an underrated chin which he never gets credit for. Tyson Fury on his behalf might be the strongest fighter mentally in the division with his enormous self-belief. In their minds, they must both be thinking about 2 things each that have happened. First for Wilder, he knows that when he connects on Fury, he has the power to take him out just like everyone else that he faces and number two, he must know in his heart that Fury is difficult to beat without knocking him out. Fury knows that no matter how good he boxed the first time, he was still caught twice and hurt, knocked down and almost knocked out so that must be with him in his head somewhere the big danger of facing Wilder. The other thing which is a positive for him is that he knows that he can win more rounds against Wilder if he doesn´t get knocked out.

We are picking Deontay Wilder to win this fight by knockout in a fight that in some ways will resemble the first one. Fury as he is the better boxer, will have a lead on the cards but Wilder always seems to manage to land his right hand and we believe that he will do that in this fight also. It might be early or it might be late so we are advising you to stay away from the Over/Under bets in this fight. The Pick is Deontay Wilder to win this fight by ko/tko for a price of +130 (2.30 decimal odds)

The Pick: Deontay Wilder by ko/tko
Odds: +130 (2.30 decimal odds)
Units: 15
Start time: 9pm ET / 6pm PT