2019 Dec 14

Michael Conlan vs. Vladimir Nikitin

10 rounds, featherweights

Michael Conlan 12-0 with 7 knockouts faces Vladimir Nikitin (3-0) in a much awaited rematch of their 2016 olympics quarterfinal that saw Nikitin win a controversial decision. After the fight Conlan lashed out at the officials and he left the olympics just hoping he would get another chance for redemption. Well, now he finally gets it. In their first fight it was obvious that Conlan was landing the cleaner shots but in some instances he was being outworked and pushed back badly by the russian and that can impact judges. Since then Conlan has been built nicely in the pro ranks and has gained valuable experience in his 12 fights that he has had. Nikitin decided to stick around another year in the amateurs before converting and he now has 3 fights over the last year. Although both guys are promoted by Top Tank, it is Conlan that is in the interest of the promoter. He is the one that they have put in a lot of effort to build up and he is the a-side in this fight, no doubt about it. You have to assume that all close rounds will go Conlans way in fights like this.

Conlan has improved since the olympics and he is ready to get his revenge. Nikitin will not make it easy and the rounds will be close and just like we mentioned, we expect the close rounds to go his way this time around. We see Michael Conlan recording his most impressive victory so far with a close decision.

The Pick: Michael Conlan by Decision
Odds: -150 (1.66 decimal odds)
Units: 10
Start time: 9pm ET / 6pm PT