2019 Oct 26

Yves Ngabu vs. Lawrence Okolie

12 rounds, for Ngabu's European cruiserweight title

Yves Ngabu is the European Champion being challenged by Larence Okolie. Despite Ngabu being the champion, Okolie is the clear a-side in this promotion and one has to wonder if this fight would have been made if they weren´t positive about Okolie´s chances to win. They most likely took a good hard look at Ngabu´s record and style of fighting and determined that it would suit Okolie well. We have to remember that Lawrence Okolie is a blue ship kind of prospect and they could have taken many avenues to ultimately prepare him for a world title. Ngabu´s best win came against dane Micki Nielsen who he beat with a clear decision but he wasn´t able to get him out of there. Lawrence Okolie has looked very dynamic so far in his career and he looks to be the better fighter in this bout.

Yves Ngabu can´t be underestimated in this fight but Okolie is the better boxer of the two. Okolie has all the tools to win this fight in great fashion.

The Pick: Lawrence Okolie to win fight
Odds: -355 (1.30 decimal odds)
Units: 10
Start time: 9pm ET / 6pm PT