2019 Oct 05

Gennady Golovkin vs. Sergiy Derevyanchenko

12 rounds, for vacant IBF middleweight title

Gennady Golovkin vs. Sergey Derevyanchenko is a very exciting match-up. Golovkin could might as well be undefeated to this day, which is not to say that we believe he won both fights with Canelo but that could might as well have been the result. His fight with Jacobs was very close also and some people think that Jacobs pulled it off and should have gotten the win. All that wont matter this saturday, what does matter however, is that GGG in our view is starting to show signs of his age. He is still the dangerous puncher he always has been but we have noticed that his reflexes have slowed down a little bit. He seems to be getting hit flush more and more. Of course a part of that has to do with him facing better opposition in recent years. But even in his last fight against Steve Rolls, he was getting hit more than we were accustomed to seing and Rolls is not a considered an elite fighter at middleweight. Derevyanchenko is a very good elite fighter and he knows this is one of his few chances to really make a name for himself. He knows how life changing it would be for him if he was to beat Golovkin. Derevyanchenko had over 400 amateur fights which is really extraordinary. We can expect a Derevyanchenko at his very best giving the performance of his life with his head trainer Andre Rozier. Golovkin has the better jab of them and it might play a big role in this fight in keeping Derevyanchenko at distance.

We think Golovkin still has enough left to be able to take care of business against a very tough and game Sergiy Derevyanchenko. The close rounds will go to Golovkin this time around, as opposed to when he was up against Canelo. This time, he is the star of the show and he is the big investment. DAZN has invested big money on him and they are still counting on Canelo-GGG 3 to take place next year. We see Golovkins jab playing a major role in this fight and if Derevyanchenko gets reckless in his attack, he could get caught by something big. The Pick is Gennady Golovkin to win this fight.

The Pick: Gennady Golovkin to win fight