2019 Sep 28

Errol Spence jr vs. Shawn Porter

12 rounds, IBF/WBC welterweight unification

We have a great match-up here between Errol Spence jr and Shawn Porter. They both looked good at the weigh in and you can tell that this will be a good fight. Shawn Porter is the underdog but many people are picking him to win. There is a feeling about him that he really believes in himself and we know that he will give it his all. We also know that Porter has good stamina and can fight hard for the full 12 rounds. We know the same thing about Spence who also looks very strong late in fights. Spence jr punches harder with one punch and he places the shots just a little bit better than Porter. Spence also has the physical advantages. Porter´s normal style is to attack forward with any means necessary but in rare instances, like his fight with Ugas, he turned into a pure boxer. We can´t know for sure which tactics Porter will use in this fight but it might be a little bit of both. He might start out trying to bully the bully but if that doesn´t work he might try to make it a boxing match.

Porter is an excellent fighter but Spence jr is just all wrong for him. If Porter tries to slug it out, he will be outgunned and if he tries to box, he will be outboxed because Spence jr is the better boxer technically. Either way our panel at BoxingPick.com only see one winner and that´s Errol Spence jr. The Pick is Errol Spence jr

The Pick: Errol Spence jr to win fight