2019 Aug 10

Vergil Ortiz Jr. vs. Antonio Orozco

10 rounds, welterweights

Vergil Ortiz jr has 13 wins with 13 victories and all fights won by way of knockout. This guy has real tremendous power. He was even able to knockout Mauricio Herrera who nobody before had stopped. Herrera is a veteran known for being impossible to stop and Ortiz jr did it. That was very impressive. He is fighting mexican super lightweight Antonio Arosco who has 28 wins with only one decision loss. Orozco is very highly ranked and will present the toughest test of Ortiz career so far.

Vergil Ortiz looks unstoppable at the moment and there is no reason to believe that Orozco will pull of any upset here, Ortiz is just too explosive and powerful and he is the more skilled fighter. The Pick is Vergil Ortiz jr to win.

The Pick: Vergil Ortiz jr to win fight