2019 Jul 13

Liam Williams vs. Karim Achour

12 rounds, middleweights

Liam Williams is defintely in the best point of his career so far. His only 2 losses have both come against Liam Smith who is a very good fighter. Since then he has developed and looks like a brand new fighter with both better defense and offense. The opponent is Karim Achour who is very tough and durable as he was able to go the full 12 rounds with David Lemiex around a year ago. He has 27 wins but only 4 wins have come inside the distance which could suggest that he doesn´t punch very hard. Sometimes that could be deceiving.

Liam Williams is in a better place of the two but Anchour will come with the belief that he could win this, no doubt about that. Williams is the better all around fighter and he is punching harder than earlier in his career. Williams wins this fight but it is very likely that it goes the full distance if Achour is well conditioned. The Pick is Liam Williams

The Pick: Liam Williams to win fight