2019 Jul 12

Jermaine Franklin vs. Jerry Forrest

10 rounds, heavyweights

Jermaine Franklin from Saginaw, Michigan is a good up and coming fighter in the heavyweight division. He is undefeated with 18-0 and 13 wins coming by way of knockout. You get the feeling that they might be building a future fight between him and swedish contender Otto Wallin (20-0) since its the 2nd time they are put on the same show. Franklin is kind of an unknown quantity because we haven´t seen him in with a quality fighter yet but he can punch, that much is certain. His opponent Jerry Forrest will be by far the best guy he has faced and Forrest is currently riding a 19 fight win streak so you can bet his confidence will be through the roof. The backlash about Forrest is perhaps the quality of the opposition he has faced. Two fights ago he beat a journeyman with twice the amount of losses than he had wins. You would like to see a contender with so many fights leave that stage of opponents earlier but that might be an indication of his lacking talent.

Franklin is the A-side in this fight and he has faced and beaten far better opponents. He seems better in most aspects in consideration. Franklin stays undefeated. The Pick is jermaine Franklin to win.

The Pick: Jermaine Franklin to win fight