2019 Jul 12

Ivan Dychko vs. Nate Heaven

8 rounds, heavyweights

Ivan Dychko is a serious up and coming heavyweight who is known for his size and punching power. He has competed in both the 2012 and 2016 olympic games and made his pro debut in 2017. He has already compiled a professional record consisting of 8 wins and all wins coming by way of knockout. He is facing Nate Harris (9-2) , also a big guy known for being a puncher.

Dychko is being brought along very fast in the pro´s just as most Europeans with good amateur pedigree normally are. Nate Harris has been handpicked in this fight for Dychko to score another spectacular knockout. Harris has lost his last 2 fights and stopped in both and that makes him a known quantity and not so much of a risk for the matchmakers of Dychko. Had he still been undefeated at 9-0 before his last 2 fights, it wouldn’t be very likely that he would have gotten the call for this fight. The Pick is Ivan Dychko to win.

The Pick: Ivan Dychko to win fight