2019 Jul 06

Sebastian Formella vs. Thulani Mbenge

12 rounds, for Mbenge's IBO welterweight title

Sebastian Formella vs. Thulani Mbenge is really a fascinating match-up. Both are undefeated with Formella at 20-0 and Mbenge at 15-0. Formella is challenging Mbenge for his IBO Welterweight Title but he is doing so in his home town in Hamburg, Germany which is a big advantage for him. Germany is known for a place where it is difficult to win a decision as the visiting fighter. Formella´s people seems very confident in his ability to take on a fighter of Mbenge´s class or else they wouldn’t have made the fight. However, we have seen other boxers from the same promotional company lose their unbeaten records in fights at home that they were supposed to win. Formella has never yet beaten a quality fighter while Mbenge has beat several such as Miguel Vasquez where he was very dominant and stopped him. Vasquez is a very tricky veteran boxer who is not easy to stop. We just saw him last week face Ohara Davies and he put up a great performance and was robbed. The fight was a clear win and even Davies lifted Vazquez hands after the fight. So Vazquez is not all washed up as some people are saying and we saw how Mbenge handled him.

We believe that it is a big mistake for Formella to face Mbenge at this stage of his career, having facing virtually nobody that will prepare him for a fight against Thulani Mbenge who is just way too athletic, big and powerful for someone like Formella. Furthermore, we haven’t seen the defensive finesse from Formella that would make you think he can slip Mbenge´s punches all night long. Formella will give his best as he is a tough fighter, but he will fall short. The Pick is Thulani Mbenge to win

The Pick: Thulani Mbenge to win fight