2019 Jul 06

Igor Mikhalkin vs. Timur Nikarhoev

12 rounds, light heavyweights

Igor Mikhalkin is very good technically and he is usually difficult to figure out with his tricky southpaw style. He is not easy to land clean on if you are a limited boxer. He can be beaten but it takes someone like Kovalev who is a very good boxer, better than himself and has tremendous power which led to him being stopped. His other loss came 8 years ago. Where Mikhalkin seems to lack is in the power department. He hits hard enough to get your respect and knock-out or stop opponents of a certain level but it feels like he doesn’t punch wuite hard enough to deal with the elite light heavyweights in the world. His opponent Timur Nikarhoev (21-2) has fought most of his career in his native Belgium against opponents who has been mostly journeymen there for the paycheck. 2 years ago Nikarhoev was stopped against Joseph Mulema (5-3).

Mikhalkin at 34 years old, still has a lot left in the tank and he should be able to handle a fighter of Nikarhoev´s class without much difficulties. The Pick is Mikhalkin to win this fight

The Pick: Igor Mikhalkin to win fight