2019 Jun 21

Sebastian Fundora vs. Hector Zepeda

10 rounds, junior middleweights

Sebastian Fundora is an undefeated young fighter with a perfect record of 12-0 with 8 stoppage wins. He is officially the tallest super welterweight in history. He stands at 6´7 (2.01m) and he weighs in at 154 pounds. We have never seen anything like it. He towers over everybody he has faced and he also happens to be a good boxer. He had over 100 amateur fights and he is only 21 years old. His opponent Hector Zepeda is also undefeated and has a record of 17-0. This is Zepeda´s first fight outside his native Mexico.

Fundora has beaten 2 previously undefeated fighters in his last 4 fights and we believe he will beat Zepeda and hand him his first loss. Although Zepeda has a good looking record of 17-0 he has faced only journeymen or worse in his career. Zepeda will not be able to handle the pressure put on him by Fundora.

The Pick: Sebastian Fundora to win fight