2019 Jun 15

Tyson Fury vs. Tom Schwarz

12 rounds, heavyweights

Tyson Fury is back in his 4th fight since his long layoff. In his last fight against Deontay wilder he put up a tremendous performance although he was put on the floor 2 times. We felt he definitely did enough to get the win as we had him winning 9 of the rounds. He showed in that fight that he really is a high quality elite boxer and that was after the long time out. He is now facing another unbeaten opponent back-to-back in Tom Schwarz (24-0). However, there is a great difference between Wilder and Schwarz in all sorts of ways. Schwarz has built up a record of 24 wins with no losses but he has never beaten anyone of note and is facing a challenge in Fury that will be very different from his other opponents that he has beaten. Fury in his 2 other recent comeback fights beat Sefer Seferi and Fransesco Pianeta. He beat them both comfortably but wasn’t able to put them away or did he perhaps carry them to get the much needed rounds after his absence from the ring?

Tyson Fury will simply outclass Schwarz in every aspect of this fight. Schwarz was having a hard time and getting beaten up by a limited fighter like Senad Gashi before Gashi was disqualified. Schwarz will go in with a positive outlook but he will lose confidence for every minute the fight lasts due to Fury´s superiority. He will feel out of his class against Tyson Fury who just might be the best heavyweight on the planet. Fury has been looking very good in sparring for this bout and he is punching with good power. How long the fight lasts depends on how serious Fury is about taking care of business. Tyson Fury remains the Lineal Heavyweight Champion.

The Pick: Tyson Fury to win fight