2019 Jun 15

Mairis Briedis vs. Krysztof Glowacki

12 rounds, for Glowacki's WBO and vacant WBC cruiserweight title
Mairis briedis vs. Krysztof glowacki faces of in the semifinal of the WBSS Cruiserweight tournament. The winner of this bout will face the winner of Dorticos-Tabiti. Briedis is the favourite to win this fight. One of the reasons for that is the fact that the fight is taking place in his home country of Latvia. In Briedis lone career defeat, he put in the performance of his life in a losing effort. In the end he couldn’t match Usyk. But no one really could in the cruiserweight division. But he gave Usyk the closest fight of his career. Some people even had it a draw. The negative for Briedis is that after the loss to Usyk, he really hasn’t looked the same. His timing has seemed to be off in his last 2 fights against Brandon Deslaurier and Noel Gevor. It is hard to know if that comes from lack of motivation in the training camp or something else? Glowacki only has 1 loss himself and that came to the same man in Oleksandr Usyk. He also went the distance but he was thoroughly outclassed. Briedis is the better technician but not by far. Both guys have very good chins and are physically strong. Glowacki is a really solid fighter but in some areas he don’t feel like an elite fighter. Briedis when he has been at his best, has shown that he is an elite fighter. But if Briedis is one step below his best and Glowacki is at his best this could go either way. The scoring in the WBSS tournament has been less controversial than regular fights around the world. We haven’t seen a robbery one way or the other so far which is good. But let´s not forget, the fight is taking place in Latvia and judges are oftentimes influenced from the environment.