2019 Jun 08

Israel Madrimov vs. Norberto Gonzalez

10 rounds, junior middleweights

Israil Madrimov might be the next big thing. He is being hyped up a big deal although he only has 2 fights as a professional. He does have a lot of amateur experience; some sources report a total of 475 amateur fights. That does sound a lot for a boxer of his tender age of 24. One thing is clear. He packs a big punch and he is physically very strong. His team has come out and said that he is ready to face all the champions right away and that he would stop Jamie Munguia in 6 rounds. We don’t think he would stop Jamie Munguia. As a matter of fact we would lean highly towards Munguia if the fight takes place right away. However, Madrimov is only fighting a journeyman here in Norberto gonzalez of Mexico with a record of 24-12. The odds makers think that Madrimov will crush Gonzalez in a round or two. If he does so it would be more impressive than the bookies will give credit for because Gonzalez has only been stopped 2 times out of 12 losses that he has. He is a true veteran with a lot of ring experience.

The Pick: Israel Madrimov to win fight