2019 May 11

Matt Korobov vs. Immanuel Aleem

10 rounds, middleweights

Matvey Korobov, former Olympian and amateur World Champion is a very good boxer. A lot better than what most people think of him in the United States. When he stepped in to fight Charlo with a few days’ notice people gave him no chance. We knew it would be a difficult night for Charlo and it was just that. Charlo escaped with a very narrow win that might as well have been a draw. Same thing there. He was underestimated because of his ko-loss to Andy Lee. Now he is on a high after the Charlo performance and he is fighting Immanuel Aleem (18-1). The odds are fairly close between them with Korobov a slight favourite. We favor Korobov greatly in this fight. He will dominate. Korobov´s confidence is sky high. Aleem doesn´t fight well going forward. He likes for his opponents to come to him. Korobov will turn and outbox him to most likely a clear decision win. The pick is Matt Korobov to win.

The Pick: Matt Korobov to win fight