2019 Apr 20

Terence Crawford vs. Amir Khan

12 rounds, for Crawford's WBO welterweight title

Terence Crawford vs. Amir Khan is a very interesting match-up. Amir Khan on his best day can give problems to any welterweight out there. His handspeed is incredible and he punches with descent power. His problems however, has to do with him losing focus and getting caught with big punches. It has happened quite sometimes unfortunately. Terence Crawford on the other hand, we haven’t seen him losing his focus and demeanor. He is a masterful boxer with good power on his punches and he is very patient. He might just well be the best boxer on the planet. Amir Khan will do good in the fight at times but he will get caught at some point and the fight for all intents and purposes will be over with. If he somehow, miraculously makes it to hear the final bell he still loses a clear decision. Terence Crawford is simply too good. The Pick is Terence Crawford to win this very intriguing match-up.

The Pick: Terence Crawford to win fight