2019 Apr 20

Danny Garcia vs. Adrian Granados

12 rounds, welterweights

Danny Garcia vs. Adrian Granados promises to be a good fight. Adrian Granados has shown several times that he is no pushover for anyone in the welterweight division. He lost a split-decision to Adrian Broner in a fight many thought he should have won and he gave a good effort against Shawn Porter. Danny Garcia is a better technician than people give him credit for. He only has 2 losses with 34 wins and has only lost to elite fighters in Keith Thurman and Shawn Porter. Both fights were very close. Adrian Granados may have 6 losses but he has a chin made of Iron as he has never been stopped and taken big shots without going down. Danny Garcia is the better boxer here but it is not likely he will be the first one to stop Granados. Garcia will have a hard time with Granados as everyone else that faces him but he will still find many opportunity’s for his right hands and left hooks to win the majority of the rounds. The pick is Danny “Swift” Garcia to win

The Pick: Danny Garcia to win fight