2019 Mar 30

Liam Smith vs. Sam Eggington

12 rounds, junior middleweights

Liam Smith (26-2) is a very experienced fighter as he has been in with both Canelo Alvarez and Jamie Munguia. He didn’t beat any of them but he gave good performances. Even in the Canelo fight, he was landing a lot of punches both up and down. The problem for him in that fight was that he lacked enough punching power to make Canelo respect him. The same was true in the Munguia fight. Lets not forget the quality of those fighters. Before the Munguia fight he had 2 fights with Liam Williams who has developed a great deal and is a solid fighter. Liam Smith beat him fair and square and proved he could handle a fighter in that class. In this fight with Sam Eggington, Smith will be the better boxer. Eggington has had some good performances but he has been very inconsistent. He stopped Malignaggi and Frankie Gavin in back to back fights. Then he has losses to Mwakinyo who had never beaten anyone good with a record of 11-2 and Frenchman Mimoune who was a big underdog. We don’t know what version of Sam Eggington that shows up but we know what to expect from Liam Smith. The Pick is Liam Smith to win the fight.

The Pick: Liam Smith to win fight