2019 Mar 15

Katie Taylor vs. Rose Volante

10 rounds, IBF/WBA/WBO lightweight title unification

Katie Taylor might be the best female boxer on the planet. If not she is definitely up there with the best of them. Her opponent in this unification bout is a serious champion coming to win. Rose Volante is undefeated after 14 fights and holds the WBO female lightweight title. Volante has good one punch power and is physically strong. She would have a good chance at most of the other fighters in this division, but Katie Taylor is just simply to good for anyone at lightweight at the moment. She wont lose a fight in this form that she is in facing normally good fighters. It will take someone extremely talented in her own size to beat her. Volante is good but not good enough. The Pick is Katie Taylor to unify the lightweight division.

The Pick: Katie Taylor to win fight